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How to become an Intellectual in India

For getting the status of an intellectual, the caste, religion, sex, age, language or any other regional or linguistic parameters are not a criteria. 

* It is easy to get the status, if you are a Hindu who always criticizes his own religion and sanathana dharma

* Your education qualification, actual intelligence, vocabulary, position, etc do not have any bearing for getting the status.

* You should always be little and denigrate Indian heritage and culture, whenever you get opportunity or even by creating opportunity. 

* Always make fun of Hindu dharma and ancient Hindu scholars, saffron colour, Omkar, temples and priests 

* You have to make the show that you have the authority to criticize Hindu dharma. 

* Try to find a good place in the electronic media screen and print media. Keep a charisma for attracting the media people; give them whatever they need for doing so.  Keep the relation with them very strong. 

* Tell always the positives about other religion while degrading and denigrating Hindu dharma. * This will give a good image as an ‘impartial and unbiased scholar’

* You will automatically become famous as a true secular leader and gain respect from other other intellectuals.

* You should never quote anything from Indian heritage or ancient Indian books because it is cheap and unscientific to quote indigenous knowledge.  Quote always the West, Russian, Chinese or even from Iraq leaders.  If you are compelled to quote from India, quote only from Jawaharlal Nehru’s words. 

*Use as many quotations as possible from foreign and locals cholars of your status for denigrating Indian heritage and culture.  Some good examples are strongly anti Hindu Harvard Sanskrit Professor Michael Witzel, marxist historian Romilla Thapar or Hindu baiter Kancha Iliah.

*Never, never  praise the past – present and future India. 

* Always share your views with the objective of further degrading our cultural heritage.  And remember, tell all the memorable negatives about Hindu dharma so that people will appreciate you secular, rational and scientific vision which can even fetch you some awards. 

* Appreciate only foreign scientists and scholars, if possible from the West or communist countries.

* Belittle and denigrate Indian scientific and technological heritage whenever and wherever possible and encourage younger generation to do so. 

Always be the first to put the first signature in anti Hindu pro-minority mass memorandum or petition, preferably in presence of the media photographers. * Do not follow law and order; this can get a place in media easily.

*Make sure to tell good about Mother Teresa, Bukari Imam and St Xavier Francis, even though he has destroyed 480 temples and converted thousands of Goan Hindus to Christianity in Goa.

Create an image that you are also aware about what is happening around us. * Make the people aware that you know what are all happening in Iraq, Houston, Iran, Korea,  Lanka and also in Mizoram.  But never say any negative about Kashmir and Nagaland or the activities of the minorities in those States.

*Tell anything negative about Military or police action in Kashmir or Nagaland making sure that you do not touch anything against minorities.

*Even if you have to say something about minority fundamentalism, say that it is due to majority fundamentalism. 

*While delivering lectures to Christians tell that in the next janma you want to be Christian, to the Muslim audience tell that you want to become a Muslim, in the next janma. *Tell them, in your speech that Upanishads and Vedas are taken from Koran and Bible.

*Try to attend ‘all religious meet” as a representative of Hinduism and tell negative about Hinduism. It will be printed in big letters in media. *Learn two or three lines from Koran or Bible and quote appropriately for getting the applause.

*If you want to write a book there are many Christian writers who write about Hinduism, they will help you how to write on the subjects in which you are fully ignorant. * You can start writing against Hinduism first, with their help, so that the marketing is easy and building your career also becomes easy.

*Many churches and Christian agents will help you directly and indirectly for propagating your anti Hindu messages.

*Be in contact with the media people, whenever you are travelling. Build strong relationship with minority leaders during travelling from place to place. This relation will give you enormous credibility as an intellectual and will last for a long time.

In short remember, your success as an intellectual in India is directly proportional to your statements you make against Indian culture, tradition and religion. The more you look down upon it and talk well of minority religions, you will be respected by one and all.

(Originally received as a forward from IISH COMMUNICATION TEAM. ( Modified.)



  Sameer wrote @

Ha ha,
Great piece of it brother…
Also, one more thing… If u have a JNU qualification, it will add more..
Growing beard will also help.

If u r a female, then wearing a large 50 paise size bindi will also help.
Always criticise Hinduism for anything happening to women. Say that Indian women are always oppressed. Say that sati is still being practised.
Also, being pro-feminist (unlike genuine Women’s right fighters), being pro-sex education (which is a disguised pornography), calling one self pro-environment (which is actually a cover for preventing development) and pro-development (look at nandigram) etc etc.
Also, lighting candles at Wagah and holding ‘peace’ conferences with Pakis will help more.

  ramsharma wrote @

team are uquestionning minority appeasement or criticising congress party.Iam not clear in that .As far appeasment is concerned .Haj subsidy should have ended atleast in states where BJP was in power,in centre when it was there for 9 years.Population should have been controlled by putting 2 child norm.







  VSGopalarathnam wrote @

With Congress at the helm of affairs and the sworn sycophants as members of the party, get ready to welcome Mahathma Raghul !!

  mahesh wrote @

congress and communist both are dangerours for india and both are anti -hindu. in india hindu(Dalit) are in feared condition. they have no security.
Oh ! indian wake up and through this two party from india.
both party wants to kill hindu from everywhere. they support only muslim because of politics and vote.
M.F.Hussain, Afjal Guru , and many terrorist they have given life and chance to repeat the terrorist activity. why congress ban POTA ?

  Rajendra wrote @

I like your site, & what u written about Congi are very right, all this start from ****** ****** who make the partition & started the problem of Terrosiem from Pakistan & bangladesh, i want to tell that why afjal guru is still not hanged, & one thing to every body,.

do u know who r giving huge losess & disturbing the peace of india 1) Abdul karim telgi 2) Dawood Ibhrarim 3) Afjal Guru 4) pervez mushraff etc etc

  Tarun wrote @

This is for ramsharma


Get your facts right. Haj subsidy is a List 1 item ie Central Government has the right to manage it. During BJP regime though efforts were made to end the subsidy, but the govt. succumbed to DMK.

As far as 2 child norms are concerened, we are not china were power flows thru barrel of gun. BJP tried to educate masses with SSA.

As far as reforming hinduism is concerned, instead of talking about it, do something about it. Charity begans at home dear.

  Ram Iyer wrote @

It is a great article. The congress party is known as GOP of india but it is not. It is the leftys of usa who are known as democrats of usa. They will sell their country and their mother for votes and power. Congress party of india has no strong policy to unite people but divide. It is a failed policy and I donot know why there is a communist party in india. The communism started with russia and then to china and to east europe. Communism died in russia and every where else except for n.korea and cuba. Castro will die soon and communism will die soon there too. Why india is still holding communist parties of marxist and indian. Therre should be no communist party in india and it is a failed system andcannot implement it policies. They should change the name to something else.

  Jaganniwas Iyer wrote @

A few more tips on how to acquire the status of an “impartial, unbiased, secular” and of coure ‘global’ intellectual:
1) Quote Amartya Sen; avoid VS Naipaul like plague.
2) Suck the boots of the Christian propagandist Arundhati Roy – but stay away from Tasleema Nasreen. She’s dangerous for Indian ‘secularism.’
3) Eat beef. This will surely confirm your status as a ‘secular’ intellectual. You’re sure to win the Booker Prize and Magsayaay Award. If not, you can at least look forward to the next Padma Shree – I mean the Maino Bhushan.
Attend the ceremonies of terrorists who are killed by our armed forces, but don’t be ever seen near a martyred soldier’s family. In fact, loudly abuse our armed might – the very institutions that protect you and allow you the freedom to peddle your corrupt anti-national shit.
The list could go on…
Jaganniwas Iyer

  abc wrote @

Who ever wrote this article is a genius.

  Manihar wrote @

Congress is trying to convert Hindusthan into Muslimistan.And many Hindus are only helping them.
This will be continued till more Narendra Modis are born in India.

  Mahesh wrote @

There is no point in crying over spilt milk. The need of the hour is to regroup under one umbrella- Hindus and vote for the party which gives Hindus their land back to them. In short, Let’s get an Indian Hitler voted to power so that he can drive out the christian missions & slaughter the Imams who dare to even utter the work ‘Jihad’ when living in Hindustan.

  Sadashiv wrote @

If BJP is in power, same set of intellectuals will talk about how our jawans are neglected, poor people are ignored, terrorisim increased etc

  secularindia wrote @


It is a question of choosing the lesser evil between the two. We do not expect miracles from BJP, but they will not be as bad as Congress in minority pandering or hindu baiting.

  manish zijoo wrote @

you are right that in india media is averse of word hindu.Its poltically correct to deride and ignore hindus .The muslims make hue and cry for all their genuine and non genuine problems and they get the major footage .We have the example of gujrat what happens in kashmir is the blur on the community of Hindus .The media doesnot show any intrest in Kashmir .It has keen intrest in gujrat.
This is media due to which the terrorism is spreading so fast .
Terrorism is day by day becoming a diseases if today it will not be cured strictly it will become curse for the whole peace loving people
The more cruel the more inhumane the action is , the more terrorism needs the TV Media to make an impression on its targets and put over its messages practically in real time with a world wide awareness .Similarly those televisions studios draw benefits from the unbearable and inhumane images they broadcast .Today television & terrorism form a diabolical duo which is making our struggle more & more difficult .This is an irreversible fact that we will have to take cute account in our future .

The terrorist enterprises are criminal enterprises like any other .They operate according the rules of market with the horizontal or vertical integration.
However we need to begin by taking in consideration the stock of problems that are still pending first of which is debate on the definition of the word terrorism .As we know one of the most lapidary definitions used by Press & Philosophy which is without meaning is to state that the terrorist is always considered as freedom fighter (militant )
This thing has given wrong message between the people of particular religion that If we become terrorist we are fighting a battle for the religion .
This is important for all the human being to stop terrorism spreading in means of way .The Media has to say NO to the news of the terrorists and to define them as militants .
If we will flash their New they re gaining popularity and are getting what they don’t .
Every newspaper & electronic media is very interested to cover the news of those anti nationalist .
Now the position is this that the students of today don’t know who is the Prime minister of the country but they are well aware that who is Osama Bin Laden who is Yasin malik etc .The patriotisms is dying and the anti nationalists are raining .
Manish- A youth avenging kashmir

  Sunil wrote @

Well said,the need of the hour is to create a non anti-Hindu media,NDTV knows that since it is the most watched news channel and is funded by Christian gospel catholic church of Switzerland,no one can challenge it,we must prove it wrong

  leena wrote @

yeah this is a sad state of affairs and i fully agree with your viewpoint. i am a research scholar and most of the time in the so called “intellectuals” meeting the only way to become popular is lecture on hindu bashing. I fail to understand what’s the problem with these secular intellectuals. i simply hate these secular intellectuals who deliberately malign Sanatn Dharam and take pride in beef eating. I think for this convent schools are playing a major role in denigrading hinduism and hindu culture.
It is strange that if one talks about something in praise of Hinduism then they categorize you in the category of fundamentalist and if yopu talk in favour of Islam and Christianity then you are secular.

there is need to do something in this regard.

  naga wrote @

Wonderful article.But sadly no one listens to this for the fear of being called as a ” fundamentalist”

  M Ranjan wrote @

The article is good and correct 100% word by word. I really agree with all my friends who have commented rightly in the above issue. All the comments are also correct and inspiring. The BOTTOM LINE is that: all these Islamic fundamentalits, Christian missionaries and the Communists are trying their best to destroy the Hindu culture of India. The Hindu/Vedic culture of India which is so great, peaceful, peace-loving. philosophical, beautiful, God-loving, God-fearing, immensely tolerant towards other faiths and has existed for at least 7 milleniums is under DIRECT THREAT from these people.
We all know what the Muslim invasion of India starting 712 AD gave to the people of our lovable India. It gave only pain, sufferings, cold-blooded murders of innocents, destruction of our Hindu scriptures, temples and all those associated Hindu symbols. They also did not spare Buddhism which is really a peaceful culture. They destroyed everything which is non-Islam. But in this process our very own Hindu/Buddhist/Jain culture suffered severe blows. All these religions are connected with each other very closely (as BJP, VHP have rightly pointed out), as they are all Dharmic religions and all have their Origin in India and let me be honest, all these religions are really very very close to all our hearts and all these faiths are compatible with each other.
But the tyrants like (in their chrono order) Mohd bin Qasim, Mahmud of Ghazni, Mohd Ghauri, Firuz Tughlaq, Aurangzeb have really destroyed each and every fabric of our Hindu society. And now the fanatic “Jihadists” are raging a war against India.

I am urging all my friends to believe in the fact that Gone are the days when Kashmir used be the factor for terrorist activities in India. Now the terrorism in India is against the whole Hindu culture and against the Indian democracy. This is clearly evident from the fact that now most of the terrorists belong to home grown fundamentalists or foreign groups who are probably least bothered for Kashmir. Their aim is to destroy the Hindu identity of India
The threat of Christian missionaries/ Communism is also large. We can say these two are slow poisons for Sanatana Dharma. But I should also admit that Christanity/Communism are not that much big a threat like Islamic Fundamentalism.

At this point of time, we should all unite against these EVIL forces and bring back the Hindu glory and power in India. But unfortunately our politicians (who actually have the power to do so) are not doing that. They know all these things, but I am not sure, for what unknown reason they are ignoring and allowing the condition of Hindu culture to worsen day by day. I must also ADMIT WITH TEARS that the BIGGEST BLUNDER the Indian govt has done is by not bringing the culprits who killed our Hindu brothers in Kashmir in 1990, thereby making those culprits fearless and encouraging them for doing the same again in future.
Almost all the parties Congress, Left, BSP, Samjwadi etc are supporting the Muslim community. We should drive these parties out by the vote power. BJP is the only solution, but fighting a lone battle. We should make BJP more strong, so that Hindu Rashtra will be formed soon thereby making us breathe in peace. Will continue to post and contribute valuable suggestions……… ……. …….
Vande Mataram, Jai Hind

  Ravana wrote @

you all are a bunch of assholes!!!!

  david shaw wrote @

Ravana, you forgot to write after those exclamation points, JIHAAAAAD! followed by a loud *boom*

  M Bhatia wrote @

Media is bought by christian missionaries in india to insult hindu culture and beliefs and spread christianity in india

if hindus don’t awake now 20 years from now hindus will suffer a lot and live miserably in india

  AR wrote @

The Hindus better wake up now….. else the Hindu majoority will be ruled by muslims one day . the common Hindu is against the appeasement polititics of the congress and left but what to do…. intellectuals and pseudo secularists always play the game of vote bank politics….

  ProudPagan wrote @

This is what they say:

* Train massacre at Godhra: the Hindus were at fault for teasing the good folks.
* Blasts at Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi: All because of demolition of Babri Masjid.
* Mumbai Attack: Hindus brought it upon themselves because of the injustice meted out to the Kashmiris.

Pranab Mukherjee and UPA must be thanking the Saudi minister for that photo-op that will get them Muslim votes in the next election. The Hindus must realize that this is not the time to bicker about caste or community or OBC or SC/ST reservation. If 80% of them vote as a block what can the 13% do?

  Deepti wrote @

So True!!
All the time in India, I was filled with the filling that Hindus are against equality of gender and caste. A single line of Ramayan from Tulsi, in which he refers women and lower caste deserve punishment is cited commonly. But noone tells the objective of Ramayna as whole. Lord ram was much better than Lalu or Congress Party who will play politics under the saree of Rabdi or Sonia.
Apparently, it is better to be Hindu in US where Deepak Chpra and ISKCON can speak about the greatness of Hindus.

  Deepti wrote @

Do You know? India is serving as an Onserver in Arab League countries, a union of Muslim countries. The stupid Pranab who cannot save India from Pakistan’s coward attacks, advocates for Palestine in these meetings.

  bhavik wrote @

i read some sentences but i am not satisfy , because it is very practical, always practical is not good, according to me. being a hindu what are your views about inttelectual love between god and human? please answer me.

  Vidrohi wrote @

Good one.. Hindus better wake-up and vote against self proclaimed secular parties.

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